We are aware of our impact on the natural environment. As a logistics operator, we are a vital link in the supply chain of the whole economy. Ecology is of great importance to us. Smog is a dangerous problem that not only large agglomerations and industrial centres are struggling with, and the reduction of gas emissions into the atmosphere is a necessary condition for limiting the temperature rise on our planet and counteracting climate change - no one has any doubts about it and although transport is responsible only for about 15%1 of global emissions, Raben Group aims to minimize its impact on the environment, being aware of the responsibility for the fate of future generations.

The fuel used most frequently by Raben Group in transport is still Diesel oil - we have our own petrol stations to be sure that Diesel refuelled by us and our subcontractors is of the highest quality. However, before CNG/LNG installations, clean electricity or hydrogen drive will become a more common and cost-effective option, we must rely on other, both environmentally friendly and affordable ones. However, we are looking forward to the future with confidence and hope that environmental benefits will soon be in line with the practical possibilities of general application of the ecological innovations. We are already testing and developing them where possible.

What is more, by measuring, reporting and reducing greenhouse gas emissions, we act for the common good - for the future. We want next generations to have access to the same resources we are using now. We engage employees, suppliers and customers in ecological initiatives. We also support local communities in ecology. As part of the Integrated Management System, we put special emphasis on minimizing the impact of incidents on the environment and preventing emergency situations and on continuous improvement of our environmental impact.

[1] The average value, according to different sources and methodologies, is 8-30%; https://ourworldindata.org/co2-and-other-greenhouse-gas-emissions ; https://www.iea.org/statistics/co2emissions/

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